The Mythical Green Massacre Revisited

The Captain Green Massacre Monument, Sugar Valley Of all the articles I’ve posted, “The Mythical Captain Green Massacre” is one that seems to divide people - did the massacre happen or was it all a figment of the imagination? Historically, the story of Captain Green and his men has become a part of regional lore … Continue reading The Mythical Green Massacre Revisited

Daniel Karstetter’s Guardian Horseman

A scene in the Seven Mountains Traveling through the Seven Mountains region of Central Pennsylvania has always proved to be an adventure of its own. Away from the hustle and bustle of State College, the dirt roads that navigate the mountain range provide opportunities to see deer, turkey and bear. But driving through them provides … Continue reading Daniel Karstetter’s Guardian Horseman

Haunted Highways: Route 44

Cherry Springs State Park Certain roads just seem to be haunted. In the past, I’ve written about some of those stretches of highway rumored to be haunted. Maybe that’s why I like traveling those remote roadways – maybe there’s a desire deep inside to experience the same things others have experienced in the past or … Continue reading Haunted Highways: Route 44

In the Line of Duty: Peter Griffin

St. Mary's Cemetery, Lock Haven “Is there anybody else in this cemetery you want to visit before we leave?” Mike asked as we finished paying our respects to brothers Jerry and Tom Donovan, two baseball players from Lock Haven. Note: More about the brothers can be found here: The Donovans. “There is another notable person … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: Peter Griffin

Jerry and Tom Donovan: Brothers in Baseball

St. Mary's Cemetery, Lock Haven While Mike and I had finished paying our respects to those resting in Highland Cemetery, we were not finished with our visit to Lock Haven. Leaving the historic cemetery grounds, we passed through the grounds of Lock Haven University before turning left onto Lusk Run Road. A short distance up … Continue reading Jerry and Tom Donovan: Brothers in Baseball