Thomas Iverson “Tom” Poorman

The Poorman Family Memorial, Highland Cemetery, Lock Havem I was in Highland Cemetery to visit the graves of the baseball players buried here. Accompanied by Mike, a good friend and fellow explorer, we set out to conquer the hill known as Highland Cemetery and pay our respects to those who had this as their final … Continue reading Thomas Iverson “Tom” Poorman

John “Cannon Ball” Shaffer

John "Cannon Ball" Shaffer, Lock Haven Parking just inside the entrance to Lock Haven’s Highland Cemetery, I stepped out into the humidity of late August and stared at the hill before me. The cemetery, which is located on the hillside behind Lock Haven University, is the resting place of many of Lock Haven’s – and … Continue reading John “Cannon Ball” Shaffer

Who Murdered Harold Guy Coll?

Unsolved murder victim, Bellefonte's Union Cemetery I was wandering the grounds of Bellefonte’s Union Cemetery photographing some of the notable people buried there, when I decided to seek out an ancestor buried near the grave of Governor Daniel Hastings. While I had a rough idea where she was buried, I found myself wandering back and … Continue reading Who Murdered Harold Guy Coll?