Along the Way: Haunted Hastings Mansion

Please note: This is private property, so please be respectful of the land owner and please, no trespassing. The building can be viewed from Allegheny Street. One of the most interesting historic buildings in Bellefonte is the Hastings Mansion located at the corner of North Allegheny and Lamb Streets. The mansion takes its name from … Continue reading Along the Way: Haunted Hastings Mansion

Johnny Morehouse: A Boy and His Dog

“Where are we headed to next?” Zech asked. “Woodland Cemetery, Dayton,” I replied. The two of us had were eastbound after spending the weekend exploring eastern Indiana and western Ohio, but I knew we still had a couple stops before reaching our destination for the night. “So whose grave are we looking for?” he asked … Continue reading Johnny Morehouse: A Boy and His Dog

A Haunting in Hickory Run

Hickory Run State Park, located a stone's throw south of Interstate 80 at the western edge of the Pocono Mountains, attracts countless visitors each year who come to explore the natural features of the park. The park’s 15,990 acres has more than forty-four miles of hiking trails for those seeking adventure. The most common destination … Continue reading A Haunting in Hickory Run

Along the Way: Moose McCormick

During my visit to pay my respects to baseball pitcher Christy Mathewson (more information about him can be found here: Christy Mathewson ) I knew I had to visit another baseball player buried nearby. Following the directions I had at hand, I continued along the roadway that passed Mathewson’s grave and came to a stop at … Continue reading Along the Way: Moose McCormick