The Greenbrier Ghost

Grave of Zona Heaster Shue I made the mistake of listening to the GPS unit. I had spent the morning visiting a number of haunted locations in southeastern West Virginia and was headed towards the Soule Chapel Methodist Cemetery in Meadow Bluff. As with most of my journeys, I had planned this one the old … Continue reading The Greenbrier Ghost

The Hawk’s Nest Disaster

The scattered rain showers that had been called for became more on the line of random downpours as I traveled southward. I had managed to avoid the rain all morning, but the idea of vacation with rain was not appealing. I had just come out of one of the downpours when I noticed a West … Continue reading The Hawk’s Nest Disaster

Route 19 Overlook / Young’s Monument

I was glad to see the sign for the scenic overlook. Having been on the road for the past six hours, I was ready to get out and stretch. Of the six hours, the majority of it had been spent in construction zones or in rain, except for the half hour of being detoured through … Continue reading Route 19 Overlook / Young’s Monument