Frosty and Peter: The Legacy of Walter “Jack” Rollins

Walter "Jack" Rollins, Queens Point Cemetery, Keyser, West Virginia I was in Keyser, West Virginia to honor Jonah “Ed” Kelley, a young man who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery during World War Two. But before I left Queens Point Cemetery, I had one more stop, so I left Kelley’s resting … Continue reading Frosty and Peter: The Legacy of Walter “Jack” Rollins

Medal of Honor: Jonah “Ed” Kelley

Jonah Edward Kelley, MOH I had never been on Route 220 south of Interstate 68 until this journey. The day's journey was taking me to Keyser, West Virginia, the county seat of Mineral County. I crossed over the North Branch of the Potomac River and entered the community – I was only in the city … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Jonah “Ed” Kelley

The Greenbrier Ghost

Grave of Zona Heaster Shue I made the mistake of listening to the GPS unit. I had spent the morning visiting a number of haunted locations in southeastern West Virginia and was headed towards the Soule Chapel Methodist Cemetery in Meadow Bluff. As with most of my journeys, I had planned this one the old … Continue reading The Greenbrier Ghost

The Hawk’s Nest Disaster

The scattered rain showers that had been called for became more on the line of random downpours as I traveled southward. I had managed to avoid the rain all morning, but the idea of vacation with rain was not appealing. I had just come out of one of the downpours when I noticed a West … Continue reading The Hawk’s Nest Disaster