The Pennsylvania That Could Have Been

The Pennsylvania countryside In my personal collection of books, there are numerous works of fiction involving alternative histories of the country with many of them set around a different outcome of Pennsylvania’s most famous battle – Gettysburg. What would have happened if the Confederacy would have won at Gettysburg is a subject numerous authors have … Continue reading The Pennsylvania That Could Have Been

The Laying of A Ghost

Fog lingers in the hollows of north-central Pennsylvania Over the years, I've read numerous stories about how to "lay a ghost" - that is, how to put the spirit at rest. Most of these stories often have a religious overture to them with the blessing and cleansing of the home or building. However, there are … Continue reading The Laying of A Ghost

Robert “Rob” Buck: 10,000 Maniacs

Robert Buck, Covenant Mission Church Cemetery, Sugar Grove The morning had been spent in Jamestown, New York as neither of my parents had been there before and this trip was spent touring the area with the highlight of the morning a visit to the grave of Lucille Ball. More about Lucille Ball can be found … Continue reading Robert “Rob” Buck: 10,000 Maniacs

Vanished: The Disappearance of Edward Jewett

A recent trip through the Allegheny National Forest made me realize how vast and remote the region is. For many, images of Pennsylvania begin and end with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The north-central portion of the state is still as wild in places as it was nearly one hundred years ago. It would not be hard … Continue reading Vanished: The Disappearance of Edward Jewett

The Burial of Allen Ketlaw

Fog lingers in the hollows of North Central Pennsylvania As most of you are aware, I love walking cemeteries. I enjoy looking at the artwork that covers many of the stones. I find the sayings chiseled into the stones interesting as I read what their families thought about the fate of their loved ones. I … Continue reading The Burial of Allen Ketlaw

The Sad Story of Sidney’s Stone

Grave of Sidney Berry, Wetmore Cemetery, North Warren (I need to apologize about the strange lighting on this picture. In order to get his words to show up on the old stone, the picture had to be brightened a lot) The GPS announced I had arrived at the Wetmore Cemetery in North Warren. I slowed … Continue reading The Sad Story of Sidney’s Stone