Along the Way: Augusta Bitner

The story sounds like something out of a horror movie. The large cemetery, which sits in the midst of a city, is home to countless memorials – small, simple stones rest among the grand memorials, yet one statue seems to be watching over all the stones within the sacred grounds. As the sun sets, the … Continue reading Along the Way: Augusta Bitner

Along the Way: The McCutcheon Monument

As the cemetery came into view, I spotted the monument I sought standing among the other stones – its size made it nearly impossible to miss. Taylor Cemetery, located along the Old National Road between Centerville and Brownsville, is the location of one of the most unique graves in southwestern Pennsylvania. I parked along the … Continue reading Along the Way: The McCutcheon Monument

The Secret of the Hooded Graves

A while back I received an email from Eric who asked: What do you know about the Vampire Graves near Bloomsburg? I've always heard that the cages placed over the graves are because they were victims of vampire attacks. Another story says the cages were to keep the vampires from coming out of their graves … Continue reading The Secret of the Hooded Graves

Blackbeard’s Treasure in Pennsylvania?

“Have you ever been to Gardeau?” I asked, though I had already knew the answer. The day had been spent searching for elk in Benezette and then across the Ridge Road (located in Elk State Forest on the ridges between Routes 120 and 873) to enjoy the numerous vistas along the road before heading back … Continue reading Blackbeard’s Treasure in Pennsylvania?