Unsolved: The Tragic Death of Etna Bittenbender

There was a feeling of rain in the air as I stepped out of the vehicle and glanced at the stones clinging to the hillside of Mount Zion Cemetery. Overlooking Routes 33 / 209 just north of Sciota, the cemetery holds a secret that I had somehow missed the first time I had visited it … Continue reading Unsolved: The Tragic Death of Etna Bittenbender

Unsolved: Who Murdered Louise Carroll?

Carroll Family Plot, Old Saint Joseph's Cemetery (AKA: Drury Run Cemetery) “Are you sure you know where you’re going?” My father asked as I turned off Route 144 and immediately turned onto the narrow road that went uphill to the old cemetery located just west of Renovo. The walls of green that bordered both sides … Continue reading Unsolved: Who Murdered Louise Carroll?

The Haunts of Hawk Mountain

The view from Hawk Mountain on a clear day “It doesn’t look too promising up there,” Mike spoke as we approached our destination. I had to agree with his assessment - it had rained the night before and now a thick fog clung to the mountaintop. We were headed to Hawk Mountain and while Mike … Continue reading The Haunts of Hawk Mountain

Unsolved: Princess Doe

On one of my many trips to the eastern portion of the state, I jumped across the border to Cedar Ridge Cemetery, located on the outskirts of Blairstown, New Jersey. Although it is only a short distance from New York City, Blairstown holds the feeling of small-town America. As I drove slowly through town I … Continue reading Unsolved: Princess Doe

Unsolved: The Murder of Josiah Dale: Part Two

This is part two of a two part article. The first part can be found here: Part One. As I stood before the simple stone in the Reformed and Lutheran Cemetery, located on the western edge of Centre Hall, that marked the resting place of Josiah Dale, I had to ask myself two questions that were … Continue reading Unsolved: The Murder of Josiah Dale: Part Two

Unsolved: The Murder of Josiah Dale: Part One

It all started with a ghost story. But then again, some of the most interesting pieces of forgotten history I have stumbled upon start this way. I first encountered the unsolved murder among a listing of haunted places, legends and lore of Centre County. There was not much to the story presented. It mentioned a … Continue reading Unsolved: The Murder of Josiah Dale: Part One