Who Murdered Harold Guy Coll?

Unsolved murder victim, Bellefonte's Union Cemetery I was wandering the grounds of Bellefonte’s Union Cemetery photographing some of the notable people buried there, when I decided to seek out an ancestor buried near the grave of Governor Daniel Hastings. While I had a rough idea where she was buried, I found myself wandering back and … Continue reading Who Murdered Harold Guy Coll?

In the Line of Duty: The Murder of William Whiteman

William Whiteman, Rose Hill Cemetery, Altoona I had finished paying my respects to Robert Cox, a Medal of Honor recipient, before scanning the nearby stones for another grave I sought within the borders of Rose Hill Cemetery. I knew the grave was close to Robert Cox's burial site and I studied the stones as I … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: The Murder of William Whiteman

Unsolved: Ravensburg Adam Doe

Rauchtown Run, Ravensburg State Park Note: I need to start this article with a warning. This article involves the unsolved death of an infant. If you find the subject too sensitive, please stop reading here and I’ll be back with a lighter subject in a couple days. Also, I will be using the name Adam … Continue reading Unsolved: Ravensburg Adam Doe

Unsolved: The Murder of William Phillippi

Grave of William Phillippi - nature was crying the day of my visit The journey to Silbaugh Church and cemetery took me along some narrow roads and through heavy rain storms in the southern portion of Somerset County. After the GPS attempted to take me across a farmer’s field, I found the correct entrance to … Continue reading Unsolved: The Murder of William Phillippi

Unsolved: Who Killed Lillian Wager?

Area where Lillian Wager was killed I was returning to the stretch of road on Route 6 between Roulette and the Potter-McKean County line. The stretch of road has ghosts, lost treasure, and the possible lost Halfway Hollow. Note: more about these legends can be found here: Halfway Hollow. However, it was nothing in the realm … Continue reading Unsolved: Who Killed Lillian Wager?

Unsolved: The Secret of the Neversink Skeleton

The Berks County Potter's Field The name “Potter’s Field” often gives a negative impression upon the burial grounds set aside for those who are buried within the plot of land. Many of those fields have been forgotten and have not received the proper care, leaving the identities of those interred there forgotten to the modern … Continue reading Unsolved: The Secret of the Neversink Skeleton