The Disappearance of Henry Schall

Cherry Springs Tavern/Hotel While I explored Cherry Springs State Park, my mind drifted to a real mystery that may have been the basis of the story shared by Henry Shoemaker and Robert Lyman. According to them, the Cherry Springs ghost light was connected to the murder of a young girl who was buried on the … Continue reading The Disappearance of Henry Schall

John Wise: Balloonist

I never would have thought that reading a book about the mysteries of the Great Lakes would bring me to the center of Lancaster.  Hidden within the book was a mention of the disappearance of John Wise. The mention was barely a paragraph, but it caught my attention and a search revealed he was a … Continue reading John Wise: Balloonist

Along the Way: The Disappearance of Edward Jewett

A recent trip through the Allegheny National Forest made me realize how vast and remote the region is. For many, images of Pennsylvania begin and end with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The north-central portion of the state is still as wild in places as it was nearly one hundred years ago. It would not be hard … Continue reading Along the Way: The Disappearance of Edward Jewett