The Ghost of White Deer Pike

White Deer Creek Haunted highways. Every state has them and Pennsylvania is no different. From phantom hitchhikers to spectral vehicles to gravity hills, there are many miles of highway that are supposedly haunted. White Deer Pike – also known as State Route 1010 and the Sugar Valley Narrows Road – is supposedly one of those … Continue reading The Ghost of White Deer Pike

The Penn’s Creek Massacre: Part One

I completely missed the monument. To be honest, I drove right past it. Even though I was driving slowly along Ridge Road I was past it before my father called out that I had just gone by it. Although the monument was only feet off the road, it was hidden under the two dead shrubs … Continue reading The Penn’s Creek Massacre: Part One

Harry “Moose” McCormick

Moose McCormick, Lewisburg Cemetery Shadows were being to cover the landscape as I walked among the stones of Lewisburg Cemetery. I had stopped to visit the grave of Christy but wanted to visit the grave another baseball player who rests nearby. I walked slowly along the roadway and where it turned to the left, I … Continue reading Harry “Moose” McCormick

Christy Mathewson

Grave of Christy Mathewson, Lewisburg Cemetery As I entered through the gates of Lewisburg Cemetery, I was relieved I had directions to the grave I sought. Although I had passed the cemetery numerous times while traveling on Route 15, I never realized how big it was. I drove slowly along the roadway until I arrived … Continue reading Christy Mathewson