Unsolved: Luzerne County Jane Doe 1973

Location where the unidentified lady was discovered. Photo: Standard Speaker (Hazleton, Pa) August 10, 1973 Note: Before I start, I want to clarify the name of this Jane Doe. In most places she is merely noted as Luzerne County Jane Doe. I have added the year 1973 to her name for two reasons: 1) her … Continue reading Unsolved: Luzerne County Jane Doe 1973

Unresolved: The Body in Seven Mile Narrows

In 1927, the remains of an unidentified man were discovered a mile east of the picnic area Growing up, it was common for my parents to take the family on day trips. One of the familiar trips would take us through Sugar Valley with a return homeward via Route 45 or 192. Both routes held … Continue reading Unresolved: The Body in Seven Mile Narrows

Unsolved: Agnes Doe

Agnes Doe, Oak Grove Cemetery, Tyrone Note: I need to start this article with a warning. This article involves the unsolved death of an infant. If you find the subject too sensitive, please stop reading here. Usage of the name “Doe” as the last name of an unidentified victim, often infers that the unidentified victim … Continue reading Unsolved: Agnes Doe

Unsolved: The Secret of the Neversink Skeleton

The Berks County Potter's Field The name “Potter’s Field” often gives a negative impression upon the burial grounds set aside for those who are buried within the plot of land. Many of those fields have been forgotten and have not received the proper care, leaving the identities of those interred there forgotten to the modern … Continue reading Unsolved: The Secret of the Neversink Skeleton

Unsolved: The Ghost of Gordon Mountain

Fog covered the mountaintops as Mike and I made our way southward towards the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in northern Berks County. Although we both knew finding any birds, raptors or otherwise, was nearly impossible due to the fog and rain, we were not about to let the bad weather keep us from our goal. Between … Continue reading Unsolved: The Ghost of Gordon Mountain

Unsolved: Swamp Ruby

Pymatuning State Park Zech and I arrived in Linesville after spending the morning at nearby Pymatuning State Park. The foggy morning had not stopped people from coming out the place where “ducks walk on the backs of fish.” The massive school of carp in the spillway was an odd sight and watching visitors tossing bread … Continue reading Unsolved: Swamp Ruby