Wreck of the Cleveland and Cincinnati Express

Memorial to the wreck's Unknown Dead, Paxtang Cemetery. Insert: top of the memorial In all the times I have passed through Harrisburg, I've made very few stops at the cemeteries to visit the graves of community members buried there. On this particular trip I was detouring from my journey to visit a memorial within the … Continue reading Wreck of the Cleveland and Cincinnati Express

Unsolved: Black Moshannon’s Unknown Man

The Antes Schoolhouse, Black Moshannon State Park Black Moshannon State Park has always held a special place in my life. As a youngster, my parents would bring us here to fish. In high school and college, it was the place where a group of us would gather for picnics or spend our time fishing or … Continue reading Unsolved: Black Moshannon’s Unknown Man

Unsolved: Fairview John Doe

Fairview Cemetery, Renovo Note: Throughout this article, I refer to the unidentified man as Fairview John Doe due to the location where his remains were buried. Scanning the field of stone I knew the person for whom I was searching did not have a recorded burial location. If there had been a stone at one … Continue reading Unsolved: Fairview John Doe

Solved? Meyer Cemetery John Doe

Meyer Cemetery John Doe Note: While doing some research, I stumbled upon a name I believe is the Meyer Cemetery John Doe. The discovery of his name can be found here: Has Meyer Cemetery John Doe Been Identified? I slowly walked among the stones of Meyer Cemetery, located in the rolling hills of the Buffalo Run … Continue reading Solved? Meyer Cemetery John Doe