The White Buck of Ingleby

Looking towards the community of Ingleby from Penns View “Are you familiar with the White Buck of Ingleby?” Jim asked. I had finished a presentation of local folklore and was enjoying listening to the stories being told by attendees. Jim had been sharing a number of stories he had heard over the years. Ingleby is … Continue reading The White Buck of Ingleby

The Pennsylvania That Could Have Been

The Pennsylvania countryside In my personal collection of books, there are numerous works of fiction involving alternative histories of the country with many of them set around a different outcome of Pennsylvania’s most famous battle – Gettysburg. What would have happened if the Confederacy would have won at Gettysburg is a subject numerous authors have … Continue reading The Pennsylvania That Could Have Been


Grave of George Washington Sears, aka Nessmuk “So who are we looking for?” my father asked as I turned off Nichols Street and passed through the stone arch gate onto sacred grounds of Wellsboro Cemetery. "Nessmuk," I answered, drawing a blank look from both my parents. "Remember the historical marker up at the park?” The … Continue reading Nessmuk