Dorcie Calhoun: A Man With A Vision

The Kettle Creek Project The grave of Dorcie Calhoun, New Maple Grove Cemetery Author's Note: This article continues the story that started in last week’s entry, "The Kettle Creek Project.” It started with a dream so vivid it would stay with the young man for years. In this dream, the young man was shown a … Continue reading Dorcie Calhoun: A Man With A Vision

The Kettle Creek Project

New Maple Grove Cemetery, Kettle Creek Valley Stepping out of the vehicle, I was instantly overwhelmed by the beauty of the area dressed in the vibrant colors of early autumn. However, I was not on this hilltop overlooking the Kettle Creek Valley merely for the view. On this hilltop is the resting place of many … Continue reading The Kettle Creek Project

Along the Way: Colvin Covered Bridge

Colvin Covered Bridge, Schellsburg There was a coolness in the autumn air as I stepped out of the vehicle and stretched. The bridge was not on my list of places to visit on the journey through Bedford and Somerset Counties, but I welcomed the unplanned stop as a break from the long drive that morning. … Continue reading Along the Way: Colvin Covered Bridge

A Haunting in Hickory Run

Hickory Run State Park, located a stone's throw south of Interstate 80 at the western edge of the Pocono Mountains, attracts countless visitors each year who come to explore the natural features of the park. The park’s 15,990 acres has more than forty-four miles of hiking trails for those seeking adventure. The most common destination … Continue reading A Haunting in Hickory Run

Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part Three

Ravensburg State Park Pausing at the vehicle I listened as Rauchtown Run bubbled and babbled nearby. The quiet, peaceful scene was broken only by the occasional vehicle that passed on nearby Route 880. Ravensburg State Park is a mere seventy-eight acres, surrounded by the Tiadaghton State Forest and retains a remote feeling though it is … Continue reading Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part Three

Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part Two

Rauchtown Run, Ravensburg State Park I arrived at Ravensburg State Park after sharing information I had uncovered about the unsolved murder that had happened here with my good friend and Clinton County historian Lou. Although the unidentified woman discovered at the Big Rock camp ground on July 15, 1925 remains nameless, we have come to … Continue reading Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part Two