In the Line of Duty: Joseph Deeghan

Deeghan Family Plot. Insert: Joseph Deeghan's stone There was a sense of familiarity as I turned off Route 144, made the immediate left and followed the narrow roadway up the hillside to the sacred grounds of Saint Joseph’s Cemetery. The last time I had visited the cemetery, which sits on the hillside west of Renovo, … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: Joseph Deeghan

Pennsylvania’s First Game Refuge

Pennsylvania's First Game Refuge, Route 144 south of Renovo Growing up, it was very common for my parents to take the family on an afternoon ride to explore the back roads of Central Pennsylvania. One of the more popular afternoon drives was along Route 144. In the years of traveling up and down Route 144 … Continue reading Pennsylvania’s First Game Refuge

In the Line of Duty: Philip Paul

Grave of Philip Paul, North Bend Cemetery This was not my first visit to the North Bend Cemetery. I turned onto the sacred grounds off of Main Street in the community of North Bend. The last trip had been while researching the history of the Kettle Creek valley when I stopped to visit those who … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: Philip Paul

Unsolved: Fairview John Doe

Fairview Cemetery, Renovo Note: Throughout this article, I refer to the unidentified man as Fairview John Doe due to the location where his remains were buried. Scanning the field of stone I knew the person for whom I was searching did not have a recorded burial location. If there had been a stone at one … Continue reading Unsolved: Fairview John Doe

Unsolved: Who Murdered Louise Carroll? Updated

Carroll Family plot, Old Saint Joseph's Cemetery (A.K.A. Drury Run Cemetery) “Have you figured it out yet?” The email read. It had been almost six months since I last heard from my mystery writer. I sighed as I set my glasses on the desk and scratched my head at the simple email my mysterious correspondent … Continue reading Unsolved: Who Murdered Louise Carroll? Updated