The Secret of the Neversink Skeleton

The Berks County Potter's Field The name “Potter’s Field” often gives a negative impression upon the burial grounds set aside for those who are buried within the plot of land. Many of those fields have been forgotten and have not received the proper care, leaving the identities of those interred there forgotten to the modern … Continue reading The Secret of the Neversink Skeleton

Along the Way: Wallace Stevens

Note: More about Cedar Hill Cemetery can be found here: Katharine Hepburn Wandering about the sacred grounds of Cedar Hill Cemetery I followed the rough directions I had been given to the grave of a Pennsylvania native who rests among the numerous stones of the cemetery. Unfortunately, his name did not appear on the map of … Continue reading Along the Way: Wallace Stevens

The Mystery of Miss Eugenia Martineau

A feeling of sadness lingered in the air as I paused at the open spot in the fence where a gate once existed to keep vehicles out. The setting sun cast eerie shadows across the small field located on the western side of Cedar Top Road, just off of Route 724, east of Shillington. The … Continue reading The Mystery of Miss Eugenia Martineau