Along the Way: Coudersport’s Moon Tree

Coudersport's Moon Tree I stepped out into the heat and humidity of the July afternoon and scanned the grounds of the Coudersport Area Recreational Park. Only a handful of people dared the afternoon heat and those people quickly sought shade. I had arrived at the park in search of one of Pennsylvania’s Moon Trees, one … Continue reading Along the Way: Coudersport’s Moon Tree

Searching for Sallie

“Are you sure we're on the right road?” Mike asked. I had already lost count on the number of times he had asked the question since we had turned onto the narrow back road of northern Pennsylvania. The road twisted around the hilly farmland that I was quickly falling in love with; the crest of … Continue reading Searching for Sallie

The Ghosts of Ole Bull

Kettle Creek Valley. Postcard a part of the author's personal collection A recent journey took me northward, into the wilds of north-central Pennsylvania to explore one of my favorite parts of the state. The goal of the day’s journey was the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum and I was joined on this trip by two classmates, Lindsey … Continue reading The Ghosts of Ole Bull

Potter County’s Phantom Hitchhiker

Foggy morning in north-central Pennsylvania The peacefulness of the early morning was broken only by the sound of wind blowing through the trees. Fog still clung to the mountaintops as I explored the Black Forest region of north-central Pennsylvania. At the moment, I was enjoying the quietness of Ole Bull State Park, straining to hear … Continue reading Potter County’s Phantom Hitchhiker