Haunted Highways: Route 44

Cherry Springs State Park Certain roads just seem to be haunted. In the past, I’ve written about some of those stretches of highway rumored to be haunted. Maybe that’s why I like traveling those remote roadways – maybe there’s a desire deep inside to experience the same things others have experienced in the past or … Continue reading Haunted Highways: Route 44

Margaret Sutton and the Judy Bolton Mysteries

When Jessica emailed me and asked if I had ever heard of the Margaret Sutton, I had to admit that I had not. After a couple emails back and forth – in which she sent me rough directions to the cemetery where Sutton was buried - I decided to visit the grave of the Pennsylvania … Continue reading Margaret Sutton and the Judy Bolton Mysteries

Medal of Honor: James Harper McDonald

Medal of Honor: James Harper McDonald When I arrived at Fishing Creek Cemetery I had not realized the number of interesting people who were buried in this small, sacred plot of land located in the wilds north of Roulette. Far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, the cemetery is the final resting … Continue reading Medal of Honor: James Harper McDonald

The Lost Treasure of the Voyageurs

The hollow I believe to be Halfway Hollow Almost immediately after posting the article about Halfway Hollow, I received an email from Jon about the mysterious hollow. “Hello I just read your blog about Halfway Hollow. You say Dabold Hare buried a small fortune in gold coins near his home. I’ve heard the treasure buried … Continue reading The Lost Treasure of the Voyageurs

Unsolved: Who Killed Lillian Wager?

Area where Lillian Wager was killed I was returning to the stretch of road on Route 6 between Roulette and the Potter-McKean County line. The stretch of road has ghosts, lost treasure, and the possible lost Halfway Hollow. Note: more about these legends can be found here: Halfway Hollow. However, it was nothing in the realm … Continue reading Unsolved: Who Killed Lillian Wager?

Vanished: The Disappearance of Henry Schall

Cherry Springs Tavern/Hotel While I explored Cherry Springs State Park, my mind drifted to a real mystery that may have been the basis of the story shared by Henry Shoemaker and Robert Lyman. According to them, the Cherry Springs ghost light was connected to the murder of a young girl who was buried on the … Continue reading Vanished: The Disappearance of Henry Schall