The Masked Woman of Mount Nittany

Mount Nittany, near Zion When I was researching the story of the ghost that haunts old Yearick’s Cemetery, the main written resource was an article I had uncovered many years ago in the Centre County Historical Library. The article was written by Ron Bracken, was undated and lacked a source, though I believe it was … Continue reading The Masked Woman of Mount Nittany

Unsolved: The Murder of Josiah Dale: Part Two

This is part two of a two part article. The first part can be found here: Part One. As I stood before the simple stone in the Reformed and Lutheran Cemetery, located on the western edge of Centre Hall, that marked the resting place of Josiah Dale, I had to ask myself two questions that were … Continue reading Unsolved: The Murder of Josiah Dale: Part Two

Hiking the James Cleveland Trail

On May 24, 1931 Airmail Pilot James "Jimmy" Cleveland lost his life when his plane failed to clear Mount Nittany and crashed near the top of the mountain above Centre Hall. I grew up knowing the history of the crash and though I knew there was a memorial for James Cleveland at the top of … Continue reading Hiking the James Cleveland Trail