Hollenbeck Cemetery: Haunted?

Memorial in Hollenbeck Cemetery Note: I need to place a warning on this article. When I first visited Hollenbeck Cemetery it was in 2008, during the daytime, and done with respect for those buried there. I do not encourage trespassing, after-dark visits, or ghost hunting on sacred pieces of land. Hollenbeck Cemetery has been heavily … Continue reading Hollenbeck Cemetery: Haunted?

Liberia, Mercer County

A wooden cross remembers the residents of Liberia, Mercer County I had spent the morning in Mercer County visiting friends and decided to take a scenic drive homeward, rather than the interstate. Usually I take backroads into Sandy Lake and then Route 62 into Franklin, but on this trip, I turned the opposite direction on … Continue reading Liberia, Mercer County

Jacob Glessner and The Murderous Minister

Grave of Jacob Glessner, Berlin I had never been in Berlin, Pennsylvania before. Entering town, I turned onto Main Street and soon turned onto Fifth Avenue. A short drive along the roadway allowed me to see the plot of old stones on the right side of the road at the corner of Fifth Avenue and … Continue reading Jacob Glessner and The Murderous Minister

Simon Whipple: Vampire Victim?

Rain fell from the darkened sky. A cold wind blew. In the distance a dog barked. It had all the elements of a horror movie, but this was no piece of fiction. I was on the outskirts of North Smithfield, Rhode Island, cursing the vague directions I had as I wandered among the trees and … Continue reading Simon Whipple: Vampire Victim?

A Haunting in Hickory Run

Lizzie Gould, Hickory Run Cemetery I parked at the park office for Hickory Run State Park and stepped out into the cool afternoon air. Zech and I prepared for a short walk to our destination of the day. Others were getting out of their vehicles, crossed the wooden bridge and disappeared into the forest following … Continue reading A Haunting in Hickory Run

The Sad Story of Sidney’s Stone

Grave of Sidney Berry, Wetmore Cemetery, North Warren (I need to apologize about the strange lighting on this picture. In order to get his words to show up on the old stone, the picture had to be brightened a lot) The GPS announced I had arrived at the Wetmore Cemetery in North Warren. I slowed … Continue reading The Sad Story of Sidney’s Stone