Clay’s Covered Bridge

Clay's Covered Bridge, Little Buffalo State Park Zech and I arrived at Little Buffalo State Park, located west of Newport, before the crowds arrived. The cool morning air, mixed with the warmth of the sun, promised perfect weather. From the appearance of the empty parking lot, we would have time to photograph the covered bridge … Continue reading Clay’s Covered Bridge

The Box Huckleberry

Having only an article ripped from an old issue of The Pennsylvania Game News and a vague set of directions found online, I explored countless roads south of New Bloomfield in search of a unique piece of Pennsylvania’s landscape. Although I enjoyed the beauty of the region, I wish I could say that my first … Continue reading The Box Huckleberry

Marie Doro: A Forgotten Actress

The Stewart Family Graves, Duncannon. Marie's grave is on the left I arrived at the cemetery overlooking the confluence of the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers in search of a famous person buried in the sacred grounds. I had never heard of this person prior to receiving an email from Ryan. It was his email that … Continue reading Marie Doro: A Forgotten Actress

Unsolved: The Lamb’s Gap Murders

Resting near the rear of Evergreen Cemetery in Duncannon is a simple grave that gives no hint of the tragedy that befell the young lady resting there. Buried next to her parents, the stone only states her name and her birth and death dates: “Leah E. Ellenberger - 1902-1924.” Roughly fifteen miles south of here, … Continue reading Unsolved: The Lamb’s Gap Murders

William “Billy” Cox

“So who are we looking for this time?” my father asked as I drove slowly along the roadway that meandered through the Newport Cemetery. “Billy Cox,” I responded. “Ever hear of him?” A glance towards my father told me he didn’t have a clue who I was talking about. “He was a baseball player.” “And … Continue reading William “Billy” Cox