Harpersfield Covered Bridge

The Harpersfield Covered Bridge and steel Bridge, crossing over the Grand River - looking from the northern side of the bridge I left the Windsor Mills Covered Bridge in Ashtabula County, Ohio and headed north on Route 534 towards Geneva. The day was proving to be ideal for exploring the county's covered bridges. When the … Continue reading Harpersfield Covered Bridge

Marion’s Mysterious Merchant Stone

  Zech and I had spent most of the day exploring the rolling hills of central Ohio, before arriving at the Marion Cemetery in search of an odd memorial amid the stones covering one hundred and fifty acres. We started our visit with a stop at the grand memorial to President William Harding, located at … Continue reading Marion’s Mysterious Merchant Stone

The Grey Lady of Camp Chase Cemetery

Note: many early sources refer to this sacred piece of land as the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, something I must admit that I too have done and occasionally still do. While Confederate soldiers make up the majority of those buried on this piece of land, there are also Union soldiers and other local residents who rest … Continue reading The Grey Lady of Camp Chase Cemetery