The Great UFO Chase: Part One

The route of the UFO chase in The Akron Beacon, April 18, 1966. The route in red aligns with Dale Spaur's interview. Note: In researching this, I used the statements made in the newspapers immediately after the event happened. To help clarify some of the conflicting information, I used some interviews with Dale Spaur, recorded … Continue reading The Great UFO Chase: Part One

Ghosts of Woodland Cemetery

Grave of Johnny Morehouse, Dayton Among the earliest articles written for The Pennsylvania Rambler was the story of Johnny Morehouse and his beloved dog. When five-year-old Johnny Morehouse drowned in the Miami and Erie Canal in August 1860, his tragic death would be the basis for a legend that is still a part of Ohio … Continue reading Ghosts of Woodland Cemetery

Graham Road Covered Bridge

Graham Road Covered Bridge As I toured the covered bridges of Ashtabula County, I was amazed by their differences. Though very similar in structure, each had its own personality. The longest covered bridge in the United States and the shortest recognized covered bridges exist within the county. One bridge that definitely stood out on the … Continue reading Graham Road Covered Bridge