A Haunting in Hickory Run

Hickory Run State Park, located a stone's throw south of Interstate 80 at the western edge of the Pocono Mountains, attracts countless visitors each year who come to explore the natural features of the park. The park’s 15,990 acres has more than forty-four miles of hiking trails for those seeking adventure. The most common destination … Continue reading A Haunting in Hickory Run

The Hawk’s Nest Disaster

The scattered rain showers that had been called for became more on the line of random downpours as I traveled southward. I had managed to avoid the rain all morning, but the idea of vacation with rain was not appealing. I had just come out of one of the downpours when I noticed a West … Continue reading The Hawk’s Nest Disaster

Along the Way: Sidney’s Stone

The GPS announced I was arriving at the Wetmore Cemetery in North Warren. I slowed down some, searching for a place to park but the traffic on Route 62 prevented me from slowing down too much and I was past it with only a glimpse of the sign for the cemetery atop the small, but … Continue reading Along the Way: Sidney’s Stone

Off the Hook: The Caleb Wallace Murder

"I’m assuming that you know where the grave is?” Mike stated as we passed through the gates of Oakland Cemetery. The sacred ground, which is the resting place of many of Warren's important families, sits on the south bank of the Allegheny River overlooking the city of Warren. “The good news is we’re not searching … Continue reading Off the Hook: The Caleb Wallace Murder