Spirits of Snyder Cemetery

Snyder Cemetery, Moraine State Park Note: If you choose to visit, please remember that this is a cemetery and those buried here should be paid the respect they deserve. There is something about abandoned cemeteries that causes people to think they are haunted. Even when confronted by facts, many maintain the facts are wrong. They … Continue reading Spirits of Snyder Cemetery

A Haunting in Hickory Run

Lizzie Gould, Hickory Run Cemetery I parked at the park office for Hickory Run State Park and stepped out into the cool afternoon air. Zech and I prepared for a short walk to our destination of the day. Others were getting out of their vehicles, crossed the wooden bridge and disappeared into the forest following … Continue reading A Haunting in Hickory Run

The Hawk’s Nest Disaster

Monument at the Hawk's Nest Memorial Cemetery, Summersville, West Virginia The scattered rain showers the radio had been warning about had become constant downpours as I traveled southward on Route 19. I had just come out of a downpour when I noticed a West Virginia historical marker alongside Route 19. I could see dark clouds … Continue reading The Hawk’s Nest Disaster

The Sad Story of Sidney’s Stone

Grave of Sidney Berry, Wetmore Cemetery, North Warren (I need to apologize about the strange lighting on this picture. In order to get his words to show up on the old stone, the picture had to be brightened a lot) The GPS announced I had arrived at the Wetmore Cemetery in North Warren. I slowed … Continue reading The Sad Story of Sidney’s Stone

Off the Hook: The Caleb Wallace Murder

The grave of Caleb Wallace rests among the ferns in Warren's Pioneer Cemetery "I’m assuming that you know where the grave is?” Mike stated as we passed through the gates of Oakland Cemetery. The sacred ground, which is the resting place of many of Warren's important families, sits on the south bank of the Allegheny … Continue reading Off the Hook: The Caleb Wallace Murder