The White Buck of Ingleby

Looking towards the community of Ingleby from Penns View “Are you familiar with the White Buck of Ingleby?” Jim asked. I had finished a presentation of local folklore and was enjoying listening to the stories being told by attendees. Jim had been sharing a number of stories he had heard over the years. Ingleby is … Continue reading The White Buck of Ingleby

The Wechquetank Mission

Wechquetank Memorial, Gilbert When I left the Kresge Monument in Gilbert, I headed southward towards a monument a short distance away on the opposite side of Route 209. If I had not had directions to the monument located on Mill Pond Road, I would have never realized the monument existed - it was far enough … Continue reading The Wechquetank Mission

Unsolved: The Tragic Death of Etna Bittenbender

There was a feeling of rain in the air as I stepped out of the vehicle and glanced at the stones clinging to the hillside of Mount Zion Cemetery. Overlooking Routes 33 / 209 just north of Sciota, the cemetery holds a secret that I had somehow missed the first time I had visited it … Continue reading Unsolved: The Tragic Death of Etna Bittenbender