Medal of Honor: Harry Harr

Harry Harr, Alto Reste, Altoona After honoring the bravery and sacrifice of Glenn English, Jr, I crossed the roadway and walked down the hillside to where my father was wandering among the stones of Alto Reste Cemetery. He was searching for the grave of the young man whose sacrifice in World War Two saved his … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Harry Harr

Medal of Honor: George Ramer

George Ramer, Lewisburg Cemetery I arrived in Lewisburg to pay my respects to a Medal of Honor recipient who was buried in the sacred hallowed grounds of the Lewisburg Cemetery. Entering the cemetery from South Seventh Street, I drove slowly, scanning the stones along the edge of the roadway. When I noticed the flags flapping … Continue reading Medal of Honor: George Ramer

Medal of Honor: Ferdinand Rohm

Medal if Honor recipient Ferdinand Rohm, Mifflintown Note: Rohm's name is spelled incorrectly on his tombstone. It had been two years since I had last been in Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery in Mifflintown. I entered the gates to the cemetery at the junction of North and North Third Streets and drove slowly along the roadway searching … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Ferdinand Rohm

Medal of Honor: James B. Thompson

Medal of Honor recipient James B Thompson Note: I want to start by stating that in numerous sources James B. Thompson is sometimes confused with James G. Thompson, also a Medal of Honor recipient. James G. Thompson served with the Fourth New York Heavy Artillery and holds the distinction of being part of a set … Continue reading Medal of Honor: James B. Thompson

Medal of Honor: Francis Cunningham

Grave of Francis Cunningham, Sugar Grove Cemetery,, Ohiopyle Standing at the grave of Medal of Honor recipient Francis Morrison, I scanned the hillside for the resting place Francis Cunningham. My eyes paused at each stone marked by a flag, but none of them appeared to be the grave I sought. I carefully moved along the … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Francis Cunningham

Medal of Honor: Francis Morrison

Grave of Francis Morrison, Ohiopyle Although I had visited Ohiopyle State Park a number of times and I was familiar with the old cemetery located along Campground Road, but was not aware of the other cemeteries in the immediate area. However, just to the northeast of the community rests another cemetery that is hidden from … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Francis Morrison