Norman Rockwell

Grave of Norman Rockwell, Stockbridge, Massachusetts It was raining when I entered the community of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. I drove slowly on Route 102 – known locally as Church Street, searching for the entrance to the community’s cemetery. Where Route 102 turned sharply to the left and became Main Street, I found the entrance to the … Continue reading Norman Rockwell

John “Grizzly” Adams

I entered the community of Charlton, Massachusetts via Muggett Hill Road, which passed the Bay Path Cemetery, the cemetery I wanted to stop at. Though I had directions to the grave I sought, what I was not told is the parking for the cemetery is non-existent. The first two of the three entrances I came … Continue reading John “Grizzly” Adams

Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield

I arrived in Oxford, Massachusetts, happy to finally be out of the rain that had been a constant on this trip. Arriving in town, I made my way to the northern edge of the community towards North Cemetery. Entering the cemetery I turned right at the first road and as I made the turn, I … Continue reading Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield