Forry’s Mill Covered Bridge

Forry's Mill Covered Bridge, Lancaster County Note: Although this is a part of a series, each article can be read individually and in any order. Stops on this journey include: Neff’s Mill Covered Bridge, Lime Valley Covered Bridge, Byerland Mennonite Meetinghouse, Baumgardner’s Mill Covered Bridge, Colemanville Covered Bridge, Forry’s Mill Covered Bridge, Siegrist’s Mill Covered … Continue reading Forry’s Mill Covered Bridge

Reverend Aaron Grosh

Grave of Rev. Aaron Grosh, one of the founders of the Grange The journey to Marietta began with a phone call. “We're trying to find the graves of the founders of the Grange,” Charlene spoke. “We’re also curious to know what condition their graves are in. Interested?” A couple days later, I found myself driving … Continue reading Reverend Aaron Grosh