Unsolved: Luzerne County Jane Doe 1973

Location where the unidentified lady was discovered. Photo: Standard Speaker (Hazleton, Pa) August 10, 1973 Note: Before I start, I want to clarify the name of this Jane Doe. In most places she is merely noted as Luzerne County Jane Doe. I have added the year 1973 to her name for two reasons: 1) her … Continue reading Unsolved: Luzerne County Jane Doe 1973

The Pennsylvania That Could Have Been

The Pennsylvania countryside In my personal collection of books, there are numerous works of fiction involving alternative histories of the country with many of them set around a different outcome of Pennsylvania’s most famous battle – Gettysburg. What would have happened if the Confederacy would have won at Gettysburg is a subject numerous authors have … Continue reading The Pennsylvania That Could Have Been

Curse of the Stone Couch

The Stone Couch “If you ever get out to Hazleton, you have to visit the Stone Couch,” Deb, who calls Hazleton home, informed me. “It’s on top of Buck Mountain near the Luzerne-Carbon County line. Legend states that those who sit on it will have bad luck follow them.” One morning I set out to … Continue reading Curse of the Stone Couch

The Powell Squib Factory Disaster

Memorial to the victims to the Powell Squib Factory victims, Shawnee Cemetery, Plymouth Resting on the hills overlooking the community of Plymouth and the Wyoming Valley is the Shawnee Cemetery. Named in honor of the Shawnee Indians, who once lived on the flats along the Susquehanna River, this sacred spot is the final resting place … Continue reading The Powell Squib Factory Disaster