Pinetown Covered Bridge

Note: Before I share the legend of the Pinetown Covered Bridge, I strongly advise against attempting the dangerous steps "required to make the ghost appear." Parking in any covered bridge in the middle of the night and turning off the vehicle’s lights is extremely dangerous. “Ever hear of the ghost of the Pinetown Bridge?” Kelly … Continue reading Pinetown Covered Bridge

Reverend Aaron Grosh

The journey to Marietta began with a phone call. “We're trying to find the graves of the founders of the Grange,” Charlene spoke. “We’re also curious to know what condition their graves are in. Interested?” A couple days later, I found myself driving through the gates of the Marietta Cemetery in southern Pennsylvania. Getting out … Continue reading Reverend Aaron Grosh

Vanished: John Wise: Balloonist

I never would have thought that reading a book about the mysteries of the Great Lakes would bring me to the center of Lancaster.  Hidden within the book was a mention of the disappearance of John Wise. The mention was barely a paragraph, but it caught my attention and a search revealed he was a … Continue reading Vanished: John Wise: Balloonist

Augusta Bitner: Lancaster’s Walking Statue

The story sounds like something out of a horror movie. The large cemetery, which sits in the midst of a city, is home to countless memorials – small, simple stones rest among the grand memorials, yet one statue seems to be watching over all the stones within the sacred grounds. As the sun sets, the … Continue reading Augusta Bitner: Lancaster’s Walking Statue