Medal of Honor: Ferdinand Rohm

Medal if Honor recipient Ferdinand Rohm, Mifflintown Note: Rohm's name is spelled incorrectly on his tombstone. It had been two years since I had last been in Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery in Mifflintown. I entered the gates to the cemetery at the junction of North and North Third Streets and drove slowly along the roadway searching … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Ferdinand Rohm

Medal of Honor: James B. Thompson

Medal of Honor recipient James B Thompson Note: I want to start by stating that in numerous sources James B. Thompson is sometimes confused with James G. Thompson, also a Medal of Honor recipient. James G. Thompson served with the Fourth New York Heavy Artillery and holds the distinction of being part of a set … Continue reading Medal of Honor: James B. Thompson

Pomeroy-Academia Covered Bridge

Pomeroy-Academia Covered Bridge Over the last couple years I’ve journeyed to Ohio to visit the longest covered bridge in the United States and to Vermont and New Hampshire to visit the second longest. Having visited them, I turned my attention to the longest covered bridge still standing within the Pennsylvania borders. Note: The longest covered … Continue reading Pomeroy-Academia Covered Bridge

Fort Bigham

It’s easy to find. It’s along Route 75 roughly four or five miles from Route 322. Glancing at the odometer, I knew something was definitely not right – five miles had passed five miles ago and the monument was not in sight. I had already made a stop at the familiar blue Pennsylvania Historical Marker located … Continue reading Fort Bigham

The Great Lewistown Train Robbery

Fog lingered on the Juniata River as I pulled into the parking area at the Lewistown Narrows Boat Access. Here the Juniata meanders between the Blue and Shade Mountains on its journey towards Amity Hall and its confluence with the Susquehanna River. Getting out of the vehicle, I walked down to the water’s edge to … Continue reading The Great Lewistown Train Robbery