Pennsylvania’s Phantom Hitchhikers

Janesville Pike is just one of Pennsylvania's haunted stretches of highway I’ve always been fascinated by the phantom, or vanishing, hitchhiker phenomenon. Usually categorized as urban legend rather than ghost lore, the phantom hitchhiker is a common ghost story shared across America. Over the years, I’ve shared some legends and lore which fall into the … Continue reading Pennsylvania’s Phantom Hitchhikers

In The Line of Duty: Cyrus Butler

Resting place of Cyrus Butler, Brookville Cemetery, Brookville Note: In order to avoid confusion, I’m going to use Lansberry as the spelling of the last name of Joseph. In the earliest articles about the death of Cyrus Butler, Joseph’s name is spelled Lounsberry. When his name appears in the 1875 newspaper trial transcripts, it is … Continue reading In The Line of Duty: Cyrus Butler