In the Line of Duty: William Cunningham

William Cunningham, Burnside Cemetery, Burnside The first time I traveled Route 219 between Dubois and Ebensburg, I discovered a road rich with history that many are unaware about. That journey included a visit to a Medal of Honor recipient, a local folk figure and the only covered bridge remaining in Clearfield County. Note: More about … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: William Cunningham

The Legend of “Cherry Tree Joe” McCreery

The Grave of Joseph "Cherry Tree Joe" McCreery I left the Cherry Tree Monument and headed toward the town cemetery for the second stop I wanted to make before I left the small community. I turned around where I had parked and headed back to the intersection of Front with Cherry and Clarion Streets. Clarion … Continue reading The Legend of “Cherry Tree Joe” McCreery

The Cherry Tree Monument

The Cherry Tree Monument Ever have one of those moments when you realize you’re really not impressed with something you have wanted to visit for a long time? That was my feeling as the Cherry Tree Monument came into view. Ever since I read about it in the late 1980s, it had been on my … Continue reading The Cherry Tree Monument

Harmon’s and Trusal Covered Bridges

Two of Indiana County’s covered bridges are located along Five Points Road within a half mile of each other, just east of the small community of Willet. Although the closest community is Willet, the address for them shows up as Creekside, a town to the southwest of the two bridges. I had left the Kintersburg … Continue reading Harmon’s and Trusal Covered Bridges