Potter County’s Phantom Hitchhiker

Foggy morning in north-central Pennsylvania The peacefulness of the early morning was broken only by the sound of wind blowing through the trees. Fog still clung to the mountaintops as I explored the Black Forest region of north-central Pennsylvania. At the moment, I was enjoying the quietness of Ole Bull State Park, straining to hear … Continue reading Potter County’s Phantom Hitchhiker

The Strange Death of Dr. Bentley

The journey that brought me to Galeton on this trip started while talking a to friend after a presentation on Pennsylvania folklore. “You mentioned Mary Reeser, but have you ever heard of Dr. Bentley?” “Of course, who hasn't?” “You know he's buried in Galeton?” “No, he's not.” “Yes, yes he is, look it up.” “Are … Continue reading The Strange Death of Dr. Bentley