The Ballad of Frankie Silver

I was talking with a friend the other day and the conversation turned to some of my recent travels. “I really enjoy reading where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. It is like a game trying to figure out why you visit the places you do and where you are headed to next.” I humbly … Continue reading The Ballad of Frankie Silver

Blackbeard’s Treasure in Pennsylvania?

“Have you ever been to Gardeau?” I asked, though I had already knew the answer. The day had been spent searching for elk in Benezette and then across the Ridge Road (located in Elk State Forest on the ridges between Routes 120 and 873) to enjoy the numerous vistas along the road before heading back … Continue reading Blackbeard’s Treasure in Pennsylvania?

Along the Way: The Spirit of Spangler’s Spring

I want to start this entry with a note: If you choose to explore this area, remember it is a battlefield and it does deserve respect, so please give it the respect that it deserves. I arrived at a small parking area along Colgrove Avenue – just across the roadway was Spangler’s Spring. Located on … Continue reading Along the Way: The Spirit of Spangler’s Spring

The Strange Death of Dr. Bentley

The journey that brought me to Galeton on this trip started while talking a to friend after a presentation on Pennsylvania folklore. “You mentioned Mary Reeser, but have you ever heard of Dr. Bentley?” “Of course, who hasn't?” “You know he's buried in Galeton?” “No, he's not.” “Yes, yes he is, look it up.” “Are … Continue reading The Strange Death of Dr. Bentley