The Lost Treasure of Dents Run: The FBI Files

Near Dents Run Note: This is my opinion and interpretation of the files released by the FBI in regards to the Dents Run treasure. Almost everybody following the case has their own belief of whether the treasure exists or not. If you are not familiar with it, you can learn more here : The Legend … Continue reading The Lost Treasure of Dents Run: The FBI Files

Hollenbeck Cemetery: Haunted?

Memorial in Hollenbeck Cemetery Note: I need to place a warning on this article. When I first visited Hollenbeck Cemetery it was in 2008, during the daytime, and done with respect for those buried there. I do not encourage trespassing, after-dark visits, or ghost hunting on sacred pieces of land. Hollenbeck Cemetery has been heavily … Continue reading Hollenbeck Cemetery: Haunted?

Secret of the Stone Fortress

The forests of Pennsylvania still hold secrets waiting to be discovered “Have you ever heard of Shoemaker’s story about a stone fortress located near Houtzdale?” I had known Gary for twenty-some years, having met him while doing research. Also a collector of folklore, Gary focuses his spare time studying the folklore of lost treasures. “I … Continue reading Secret of the Stone Fortress

Ghosts of Woodland Cemetery

Grave of Johnny Morehouse, Dayton Among the earliest articles written for The Pennsylvania Rambler was the story of Johnny Morehouse and his beloved dog. When five-year-old Johnny Morehouse drowned in the Miami and Erie Canal in August 1860, his tragic death would be the basis for a legend that is still a part of Ohio … Continue reading Ghosts of Woodland Cemetery

Spirits of the Sloan Fine Arts Building

Sloan Fine Arts Building, Lock Haven It seems every college and university has its own folklore that is passed down through the students, helping to create an interesting aspect of campus life. Examining the stories I’ve heard and collected over the years, there are two buildings that almost always seem to have ghost stories associated … Continue reading Spirits of the Sloan Fine Arts Building