The Blue Eyed Six: Trials and Executions

St. Joseph's Springs, Indiantown Gap Note: This is part two of "The Blue Eyed Six" which begins with The Murder of Joseph Raber and concludes with The Legends. Having heard shooting coming from the military grounds earlier in the day, I slowed as I approached McLean Road which entered the grounds of Fort Indiantown Gap. Having been … Continue reading The Blue Eyed Six: Trials and Executions

Trotter’s Curse: Part One

Buelah Presbyterian Cemetery. John Trotter rests in an unmarked grave somewhere on these grounds It was hot. It was humid. Neither one of us wanted to step out of the comfort of the air conditioning. The vehicle's thermometer was reading ninety and it was not even noon yet. Zech and I sat studying the historic … Continue reading Trotter’s Curse: Part One

Young’s Monument – Route 19 Overlook

The view from the Route 19 rest stop, West Virginia I was glad to see the sign for the scenic overlook. I had been on the road for the past six hours and was ready to get out and stretch. The majority of my trip had consisted of construction zones and rain, except for the … Continue reading Young’s Monument – Route 19 Overlook

The Trial of Patrick Hester

The grave of Patrick Hester Note: This background for this entry can be found at  The Murder of Alexander Rea. The threat of rain lingered as dark clouds loomed on the horizon. I arrived at St. Mary’s Cemetery near Mount Carmel in search of the final resting place of Patrick Hester. Scanning the small cemetery, I … Continue reading The Trial of Patrick Hester