Chang and Eng: The Bunker Twins

Grave of Chang and Eng Bunker, White Plains Baptist Cemetery Having left Wytheville, Virginia before the sun was up, I was headed to Winston-Salem to spend the day. It had been years since I had last visited the region and I wanted to make the best of the day at historic Old Salem. However, I … Continue reading Chang and Eng: The Bunker Twins

Prince El Kigordo

Grave of Prince El Kigordo Over the years I have passed the Sugar Valley Church of the Brethren numerous times, but had never stopped. Located in the collection of buildings known as Eastville is a cemetery that is the resting place of many local residents. On a recent trip through Sugar Valley, I noticed a … Continue reading Prince El Kigordo

John “Grizzly” Adams

I entered the community of Charlton, Massachusetts via Muggett Hill Road, which passed the Bay Path Cemetery, the cemetery I wanted to stop at. Though I had directions to the grave I sought, what I was not told is the parking for the cemetery is non-existent. The first two of the three entrances I came … Continue reading John “Grizzly” Adams