The Screaming Skull

Route 44 is as wild today as it was in the past If all the stories are to be believed, Route 44 might possibly be the most haunted road within the state. Something supernatural seems connected to every hill and hollow, and every town has at least one ghost story attached to it. Maybe it … Continue reading The Screaming Skull

Curse of the Stone Couch

The Stone Couch “If you ever get out to Hazleton, you have to visit the Stone Couch,” Deb, who calls Hazleton home, informed me. “It’s on top of Buck Mountain near the Luzerne-Carbon County line. Legend states that those who sit on it will have bad luck follow them.” One morning I set out to … Continue reading Curse of the Stone Couch

Rebel Without a Cause: James Dean

An older picture of Dean's Grave - due to visitors, the "J" is almost gone from people rubbing the stone To say it was raining when Zech and I arrived in Gas City, Indiana would be an understatement. The walls of water prevented us from seeing more than ten feet in front of us and … Continue reading Rebel Without a Cause: James Dean

The Rebel: Nick Adams

I pulled through the gates of Saints Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Cemetery, located just west of Berwick, in search of an actor who rests among the residents of the area. Also known as the Greek Catholic Cemetery, the cemetery is the final resting place of a troubled actor whose death is often listed as being … Continue reading The Rebel: Nick Adams

Trotter’s Curse: Part Two

The Antes Schoolhouse at Black Moshannon State Park. Located along Route 504 - the Philadelphia-Erie Turnpike Note: The first part of this article can be found here: Part One It was freezing outside as I huddled in the warmth of the vehicle that was buffeted by the wind. My initial plan was to get out of … Continue reading Trotter’s Curse: Part Two

Trotter’s Curse: Part One

Buelah Presbyterian Cemetery. John Trotter rests in an unmarked grave somewhere on these grounds It was hot. It was humid. Neither one of us wanted to step out of the comfort of the air conditioning. The vehicle's thermometer was reading ninety and it was not even noon yet. Zech and I sat studying the historic … Continue reading Trotter’s Curse: Part One