The Rebel: Nick Adams

I pulled through the gates of Saints Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Cemetery, located just west of Berwick, in search of an actor who rests among the residents of the area. Also known as the Greek Catholic Cemetery, the cemetery is the final resting place of a troubled actor whose death is often listed as being … Continue reading The Rebel: Nick Adams

The Secret of the Hooded Graves

A while back I received an email from Eric who asked: What do you know about the Vampire Graves near Bloomsburg? I've always heard that the cages placed over the graves are because they were victims of vampire attacks. Another story says the cages were to keep the vampires from coming out of their graves … Continue reading The Secret of the Hooded Graves

The Trial of Patrick Hester

The grave of Patrick Hester Note: This background for this entry can be found at  The Murder of Alexander Rea. The threat of rain lingered as dark clouds loomed on the horizon. I arrived at St. Mary’s Cemetery near Mount Carmel in search of the final resting place of Patrick Hester. Scanning the small cemetery, I … Continue reading The Trial of Patrick Hester

The Murder of Alexander Rea

The grave of Alexander Rea, Fairview Cemetery, Danville Fairview Cemetery, located on the eastern edge of Danville, is a relatively small cemetery when compared to the other cemeteries around the town. Arriving at the cemetery, I stepped out of the vehicle and scanned the field of stones. This was not the first time I visited … Continue reading The Murder of Alexander Rea