Baseball’s James W. H. “Jim” Brown

James W. H. Brown, Highland Cemetery, Lock Haven I was in Lock Haven's Highland Cemetery to visit the graves of some of the notable people resting on the hillside overlooking the community. Accompanied by Mike, I set out to pay my respects to some of the notable people buried within the sacred grounds of the … Continue reading Baseball’s James W. H. “Jim” Brown

Thomas Iverson “Tom” Poorman

The Poorman Family Memorial, Highland Cemetery, Lock Havem I was in Highland Cemetery to visit the graves of the baseball players buried here. Accompanied by Mike, a good friend and fellow explorer, we set out to conquer the hill known as Highland Cemetery and pay our respects to those who had this as their final … Continue reading Thomas Iverson “Tom” Poorman

John “Cannon Ball” Shaffer

John "Cannon Ball" Shaffer, Lock Haven Parking just inside the entrance to Lock Haven’s Highland Cemetery, I stepped out into the humidity of late August and stared at the hill before me. The cemetery, which is located on the hillside behind Lock Haven University, is the resting place of many of Lock Haven’s – and … Continue reading John “Cannon Ball” Shaffer

Pennsylvania’s First Game Refuge

Pennsylvania's First Game Refuge, Route 144 south of Renovo Growing up, it was very common for my parents to take the family on an afternoon ride to explore the back roads of Central Pennsylvania. One of the more popular afternoon drives was along Route 144. In the years of traveling up and down Route 144 … Continue reading Pennsylvania’s First Game Refuge

Solved: Ravensburg Adam Doe

Rauchtown Run, Ravensburg State Park This past week, I was sent a Note: I was sent a newspaper clipping that I had missed when I first wrote this article. Rather than rewriting the whole article, I've add the additional information, which resolves the case as an addendum. ============= Note: I need to start this article … Continue reading Solved: Ravensburg Adam Doe

Unsolved: Fairview John Doe

Fairview Cemetery, Renovo Note: Throughout this article, I refer to the unidentified man as Fairview John Doe due to the location where his remains were buried. Scanning the field of stone I knew the person for whom I was searching did not have a recorded burial location. If there had been a stone at one … Continue reading Unsolved: Fairview John Doe