The Lost Silver Mine of Birch Island Run

Does a lost silver mine exist in the area of Birch Island Run? Lost mines filled with silver and lead. Believe it or not, these tales are not limited to the wild west, where prospectors search endlessly for buried riches – Pennsylvania has numerous stories regarding lost silver mines. These legends are so common that … Continue reading The Lost Silver Mine of Birch Island Run

In the Line of Duty: Joseph Deeghan

Deeghan Family Plot. Insert: Joseph Deeghan's stone There was a sense of familiarity as I turned off Route 144, made the immediate left and followed the narrow roadway up the hillside to the sacred grounds of Saint Joseph’s Cemetery. The last time I had visited the cemetery, which sits on the hillside west of Renovo, … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: Joseph Deeghan

The Black Forest Thunderbird: Part One

Fog lingers in the hollows of northcentral Pennsylvania Note: This was originally posted on September 10, 2014, in an earlier version of The Pennsylvania Rambler. This article has been edited and updated as Part One of Two. Pennsylvania's Black Forest is a region of northcentral Pennsylvania that mostly is as wild today as it was … Continue reading The Black Forest Thunderbird: Part One

The Tea Springs “Spook Wolf”

The remnants of an old road near Tea Springs The first time I had ever heard of a “spook wolf” was in the mid-1990s while doing research at the historical library in Bellefonte. On one of the trips I was talking to another researcher about our subjects of study. When I mentioned I was looking … Continue reading The Tea Springs “Spook Wolf”

The Mythical Green Massacre Revisited

The Captain Green Massacre Monument, Sugar Valley Of all the articles I’ve posted, “The Mythical Captain Green Massacre” is one that seems to divide people - did the massacre happen or was it all a figment of the imagination? Historically, the story of Captain Green and his men has become a part of regional lore … Continue reading The Mythical Green Massacre Revisited

Haunted Highways: Route 44

Cherry Springs State Park Certain roads just seem to be haunted. In the past, I’ve written about some of those stretches of highway rumored to be haunted. Maybe that’s why I like traveling those remote roadways – maybe there’s a desire deep inside to experience the same things others have experienced in the past or … Continue reading Haunted Highways: Route 44