The Legend of Spook Woods

Along Schoonover Road, Kylertown I first heard Sean's story almost twenty years ago, but at the time I did not realize that his story may be connected to a haunted patch of woods known as "Spook Woods." Sean, who was living in Clearfield at the time I knew him, was the hardcore outdoorsman – when … Continue reading The Legend of Spook Woods

McGees Mills Covered Bridge

McGees Mills Covered Bridge, McGees Mill As many times as I had passed through Clearfield County, I had failed to explore the southern portion of the county. That was all changing as I drove southward on Route 219 in search of the only covered bridge still existing within the county's borders. I arrived at McGees … Continue reading McGees Mills Covered Bridge

George Rosenkrans: A Forgotten Composer

I parked at the entrance to Penfield Cemetery and stepped out of the vehicle into the shaded cemetery that the sun had yet to find. Looking at the steep hillside before me, I realized I should have brought climbing gear to ascend to the grave I sought. The graves were placed on narrow ledges cut … Continue reading George Rosenkrans: A Forgotten Composer

Remembering the Victims of the Walter L. Main

Note: The first part of the Walter L. Main wreck can be found here: Wreck of the Walter L. Main “Where are we off to today?” Mike asked as he plopped down in the passenger’s seat. “Here and there,” I replied. “Have some cemeteries we need to visit.” “Who are we looking for?” “The victims of … Continue reading Remembering the Victims of the Walter L. Main

Philip Bliss: Hymn Writer

I’ve always wanted to visit Rome. And one cold April morning I arrived in the small community of Rome - that is - Rome, Pennsylvania. Located in the northern part of the state, the collection of houses is spread out along Route 187 and had it not been for the sign welcoming visitors to town, … Continue reading Philip Bliss: Hymn Writer

A Killing in Karthaus: The Murder of Clara Price

On the hill overlooking the West Branch of the Susquehanna, roughly a mile east of Karthaus, on the north side of Route 879, rests a small granite marker many travelers have passed without realizing its existence. Those who do stop to visit the marker are greeted with a very simple statement of remembrance: Clara Price … Continue reading A Killing in Karthaus: The Murder of Clara Price