Tillie Pierce and The Battle of Gettysburg

“Years have come and gone since the happening of the events narrated in the preceding chapters, but they are as indelibly stamped upon my memory.”  Tillie Pierce It took much longer to locate the Selinsgrove Lutheran Cemetery than I had planned. The directions I had been emailed added a handful of unneeded turns – I … Continue reading Tillie Pierce and The Battle of Gettysburg

The Spirit of Spangler’s Spring

Note: If you choose to explore this area, remember it is a battlefield and it does deserve respect, so please give it the respect that it deserves. I arrived at a small parking area along Colgrove Avenue – just across the roadway was Spangler’s Spring. Located on the southeastern edge of the battlefield, Spangler’s spring … Continue reading The Spirit of Spangler’s Spring

Route 19 Overlook / Young’s Monument

I was glad to see the sign for the scenic overlook. Having been on the road for the past six hours, I was ready to get out and stretch. Of the six hours, the majority of it had been spent in construction zones or in rain, except for the half hour of being detoured through … Continue reading Route 19 Overlook / Young’s Monument