The Schnae Harsh

The road through The Scotia Pine Barrens I drove slowly along the dirt road that leads to the Scotia Shooting Range, scanning the woods in search of a mythical creature that is supposed to roam the region known as the Scotia Pine Barrens, or just The Barrens to locals. The leaves were changing, decorating the … Continue reading The Schnae Harsh

The Masked Woman of Mount Nittany

Mount Nittany, near Zion When I was researching the story of the ghost that haunts old Yearick’s Cemetery, the main written resource was an article I had uncovered many years ago in the Centre County Historical Library. The article was written by Ron Bracken, was undated and lacked a source, though I believe it was … Continue reading The Masked Woman of Mount Nittany

The Bloody Ghost of Brush Valley

Brungart Cemetery Note: The cemetery itself is not haunted - at least I have no ghost stories involving it - and is used as a reference point to where this story takes place. “Have you ever heard anything about the area around Brungart Cemetery being haunted?” Brenda, a former co-worker, asked during a recent meet-up. … Continue reading The Bloody Ghost of Brush Valley

Unsolved: Meyer Cemetery John Doe

Meyer Cemetery John Doe I slowly walked among the stones of Meyer Cemetery, located in the rolling hills of the Buffalo Run Valley, west of Bellefonte. I scanned the tombstones, taking in the familiar names of people I had known growing up. Though many of those buried on these sacred lands are familiar to me, … Continue reading Unsolved: Meyer Cemetery John Doe

The Woodward Shoot-Out

In Pennsylvania Mountain Stories, Henry Shoemaker records the story of the outlaw Silas Werninger. Silas was a local trouble-maker known throughout the region. One night, after an argument between him and two men, Silas pulled his gun and shot the two men, killing one of them instantly. Silas fled the scene and hid in the … Continue reading The Woodward Shoot-Out

Mystery of the Musser Stone

Union Cemetery, located on the western edge of Millheim, appears to be like any other rural, small town, Pennsylvania cemetery. Despite the appearance, the sacred piece of ground holds a mystery that has baffled generations. That mystery was the motivation that first brought me here and keeps bringing me back. The parking is limited, so … Continue reading Mystery of the Musser Stone