The Lost Silver Mine of Birch Island Run

Does a lost silver mine exist in the area of Birch Island Run? Lost mines filled with silver and lead. Believe it or not, these tales are not limited to the wild west, where prospectors search endlessly for buried riches – Pennsylvania has numerous stories regarding lost silver mines. These legends are so common that … Continue reading The Lost Silver Mine of Birch Island Run

Along the Way…Leonard Rhone had a Picnic

A row of tents at the Centre County Grange Fair Along the Way...Leonard Rhone had a Picnic By Norman Houser In Good Day!, Vol. 6, Issue 3, October 2022 Reprinted with permission The sun had barely peeked over the distant mountains as I walked the vacant grounds in search of breakfast – despite the fairgrounds … Continue reading Along the Way…Leonard Rhone had a Picnic

In the Line of Duty: Hugh Gillette

Constable Hugh Gillette, Keewaydin Cemetery, Keewaydin Turning onto the grounds of Keewaydin Cemetery, I was immediately greeted with the large obelisk marking the resting place of a young murder victim whose body was discovered a short distance from this location, on the Centre County side of the Susquehanna’s West Branch. While Clara Price is buried … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: Hugh Gillette

Leonard Rhone’s Picnic

Leonard Rhone. Centre Hall Arriving in Centre Hall, I turned onto West Church Street and soon saw the cemetery on the left side of the road. Making a left turn onto North Willow Avenue, I made an immediate right onto the sacred grounds of the Centre Hall Reformed and Lutheran Cemetery, which is known by … Continue reading Leonard Rhone’s Picnic

Bloody Knox

Bloody Knox Marker, Knox Township, Clearfield County. Insert: Grave of Edgar Reed Philipsburg, the small community straddling Moshannon Creek on the Centre-Clearfield County line, seemed quiet on the day of my visit. With it being a holiday weekend on the day of my visit, I would have thought there would have been more traffic, but … Continue reading Bloody Knox