Unsolved: The Murder of Hugh Muirhead

Grave of Hugh Muirhead, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Unionville I turned my attention from the grave of Benjamin H. Rich, a young man whose love of football would result in his death in 1897, and scanned the garden of stone known as Oak Ridge Cemetery. It was comforting to see the American flags flapping lazily in … Continue reading Unsolved: The Murder of Hugh Muirhead

Benjamin H Rich: A Fatal Football Game

The memorial marking the plot where Benjamin H. Rich rests, Unionville I passed through the small community of Unionville, in Centre County, and headed toward Oak Ridge Cemetery on the southwestern side of town. Had I not known where to turn for the cemetery, I would have easily passed by it - the sign marking … Continue reading Benjamin H Rich: A Fatal Football Game

Unsolved: Black Moshannon’s Unknown Man

The Antes Schoolhouse, Black Moshannon State Park Black Moshannon State Park has always held a special place in my life. As a youngster, my parents would bring us here to fish. In high school and college, it was the place where a group of us would gather for picnics or spend our time fishing or … Continue reading Unsolved: Black Moshannon’s Unknown Man

Unresolved: The Body in Seven Mile Narrows

In 1927, the remains of an unidentified man were discovered a mile east of the picnic area Growing up, it was common for my parents to take the family on day trips. One of the familiar trips would take us through Sugar Valley with a return homeward via Route 45 or 192. Both routes held … Continue reading Unresolved: The Body in Seven Mile Narrows

Secret of the Stone Fortress

The forests of Pennsylvania still hold secrets waiting to be discovered “Have you ever heard of Shoemaker’s story about a stone fortress located near Houtzdale?” I had known Gary for twenty-some years, having met him while doing research. Also a collector of folklore, Gary focuses his spare time studying the folklore of lost treasures. “I … Continue reading Secret of the Stone Fortress

The White Buck of Ingleby

Looking towards the community of Ingleby from Penns View “Are you familiar with the White Buck of Ingleby?” Jim asked. I had finished a presentation of local folklore and was enjoying listening to the stories being told by attendees. Jim had been sharing a number of stories he had heard over the years. Ingleby is … Continue reading The White Buck of Ingleby