Frosty and Peter: The Legacy of Walter “Jack” Rollins

Walter "Jack" Rollins, Queens Point Cemetery, Keyser, West Virginia I was in Keyser, West Virginia to honor Jonah “Ed” Kelley, a young man who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery during World War Two. But before I left Queens Point Cemetery, I had one more stop, so I left Kelley’s resting … Continue reading Frosty and Peter: The Legacy of Walter “Jack” Rollins

Medal of Honor: Jonah “Ed” Kelley

Jonah Edward Kelley, MOH I had never been on Route 220 south of Interstate 68 until this journey. The day's journey was taking me to Keyser, West Virginia, the county seat of Mineral County. I crossed over the North Branch of the Potomac River and entered the community – I was only in the city … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Jonah “Ed” Kelley

Milton “Milt” Jordan

The Grave of Milt Jordan, baseball I was beginning to think my GPS unit finally gave in and gave up. It was taking me across roads in the eastern portion of Clearfield County that were narrow enough I hoped I did not encounter anybody coming the other way. After taking a very scenic drive on … Continue reading Milton “Milt” Jordan

The Legend of “Cherry Tree Joe” McCreery

The Grave of Joseph "Cherry Tree Joe" McCreery I left the Cherry Tree Monument and headed toward the town cemetery for the second stop I wanted to make before I left the small community. I turned around where I had parked and headed back to the intersection of Front with Cherry and Clarion Streets. Clarion … Continue reading The Legend of “Cherry Tree Joe” McCreery

Wilmer Stultz, Aviator

Grave of aviator Wilmer Stultz I had never been in Williamsburg before, much to the surprise of my parents who were accompanying me on this trip. Over the years we had made countless trips on Route 22 between Huntingdon and Altoona, but had never made the detour to the south to visit the community of … Continue reading Wilmer Stultz, Aviator

Liberia, Mercer County

A wooden cross remembers the residents of Liberia, Mercer County I had spent the morning in Mercer County visiting friends and decided to take a scenic drive homeward, rather than the interstate. Usually I take backroads into Sandy Lake and then Route 62 into Franklin, but on this trip, I turned the opposite direction on … Continue reading Liberia, Mercer County