Medal of Honor: Glenn H English, Jr

Memorial to Glenn English, Jr, Alto Reste, Altoona Entering Altoona's Alto Reste Cemetery, I was glad I had directions to the graves I sought. Although far from the largest cemetery I've visited, it would have definitely been a challenge to find any grave without help. As I drove along the cemetery's roadways, I could see … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Glenn H English, Jr

Medal of Honor: George Ramer

George Ramer, Lewisburg Cemetery I arrived in Lewisburg to pay my respects to a Medal of Honor recipient who was buried in the sacred hallowed grounds of the Lewisburg Cemetery. Entering the cemetery from South Seventh Street, I drove slowly, scanning the stones along the edge of the roadway. When I noticed the flags flapping … Continue reading Medal of Honor: George Ramer

Charles “Rip” Engle: PSU Football

Charles "Rip" Engle, IOOF Cemetery, Salusbury "You know who else is buried in this cemetery?" my mother asked as I got back in the vehicle. "Not really," I responded. The reason I was visiting the IOOF Cemetery in Salisbury was to pay my respects to Mark Prynn, a police officer who died in the line … Continue reading Charles “Rip” Engle: PSU Football

John L. Sullivan: Baseball Player

John Sullivan, Harmony Cemetery I had set out one foggy morning to explore the eastern shore of the Susquehanna River, especially the piece of land between Milton and Sunbury, which I had managed to avoid in my travels. That morning I started my journey in Milton to visit Frederic Godcharles, whose book Daily Stories of … Continue reading John L. Sullivan: Baseball Player