Wilmer Stultz, Aviator

Grave of aviator Wilmer Stultz I had never been in Williamsburg before, much to the surprise of my parents who were accompanying me on this trip. Over the years we had made countless trips on Route 22 between Huntingdon and Altoona, but had never made the detour to the south to visit the community of … Continue reading Wilmer Stultz, Aviator

Liberia, Mercer County

A wooden cross remembers the residents of Liberia, Mercer County I had spent the morning in Mercer County visiting friends and decided to take a scenic drive homeward, rather than the interstate. Usually I take backroads into Sandy Lake and then Route 62 into Franklin, but on this trip, I turned the opposite direction on … Continue reading Liberia, Mercer County

C. Raymond Keech: Breaking the Land-Speed Record

Raymond Keech, race car driver, Coatesville It was raining. At the moment, it was more than a shower as buckets of water fell from the sky. My journey had me passing in and out of showers and the radio forecast had promised the heavier rains were past, but one last downpour had found me. I … Continue reading C. Raymond Keech: Breaking the Land-Speed Record

Charles Demuth, Artist

The Demuth Family Stone, Lancaster Cemetery. A separate monument for Charles also stands in the family plot Lancaster Cemetery is another of those cemeteries I wished I lived closer to as every time I think I’ve visited all of the notable people resting within the hallowed grounds, I manage to find another grave or two … Continue reading Charles Demuth, Artist

No Gentleman of The Diamond: John “Snake” Deal

John Wesley "Snake" Deal, Mount Joy Note: There have only been a handful of articles I've researched that have created major issues and John Wesley “Snake” Deal is one of those articles. Usually, I use the obituary as a starting point, but in this case I quickly discovered dates of importance in his obituary are … Continue reading No Gentleman of The Diamond: John “Snake” Deal

Baseball’s Robert “Bob” Rice

Baseball's Bob Rice, Masonic Homes Cemetery, Elizabethtown “Are you sure there’s a cemetery back here?” my mother asked as we drove through the Masonic Homes on the outskirts of Elizabethtown. The Masonic Homes was a village created by the Pennsylvania’s Freemasons who wanted to create a home for aging Masons and their families. The idea … Continue reading Baseball’s Robert “Bob” Rice