Along the Way: Hedda Hopper

“You're kind of young to know who Hedda was, aren’t you?” the groundskeeper asked as he curiously stared at me. This was my third attempt to locate the grave of Hedda Hopper on the grounds of Rose Hill Cemetery near Altoona and this was the first time I had encountered anyone able to help with locating … Continue reading Along the Way: Hedda Hopper

Simeon Pfoutz: Lord of the Kettle Creek Valley

The wind whipped around me as I stepped out of the vehicle at the Alvin Bush Dam overlook. From the overlook along State Route 4001, I had a view of the dam and the southern end of the Kettle Creek Reservoir, one that was breath-taking and absolutely beautiful. Standing there, my attention was drawn to … Continue reading Simeon Pfoutz: Lord of the Kettle Creek Valley

Dorcie Calhoun: A Man With A Vision

Author's Note: This article continues the story that started in last week’s entry, "The Kettle Creek Project.” It started with a dream so vivid it would stay with the young man for years. In this dream, the young man was shown a location where, if he dug, he would uncover a great wealth. Years later, … Continue reading Dorcie Calhoun: A Man With A Vision

The Kettle Creek Project

Stepping out of the vehicle, I was instantly overwhelmed by the beauty of the area dressed in the vibrant colors of early autumn. However, I was not on this hilltop overlooking the Kettle Creek Valley merely for the view. On this hilltop is the resting place of many early settlers and strangely the hilltop serves … Continue reading The Kettle Creek Project

Marie Doro: A Forgotten Actress

I arrived at the cemetery overlooking the confluence of the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers in search of a famous person buried in the sacred grounds. I had never heard of this person prior to receiving an email from Ryan. It was his email that brought me to the Duncannon Presbyterian Cemetery in search of Marie Doro, a … Continue reading Marie Doro: A Forgotten Actress