The Pennsylvania That Could Have Been

The Pennsylvania countryside In my personal collection of books, there are numerous works of fiction involving alternative histories of the country with many of them set around a different outcome of Pennsylvania’s most famous battle – Gettysburg. What would have happened if the Confederacy would have won at Gettysburg is a subject numerous authors have … Continue reading The Pennsylvania That Could Have Been

Knapp’s Covered Bridge

Knapp's Covered Bridge I’ve always been amazed by how much we miss on our every day travels. As we go about our business, speeding along on major roadways, the history that sits just off these busy roads is often overlooked, forgotten and ignored. I have quit counting the number of times I have traveled Route … Continue reading Knapp’s Covered Bridge

Philip Bliss: Hymn Writer

I’ve always wanted to visit Rome. And one cold April morning I arrived in the small community of Rome - that is - Rome, Pennsylvania. Located in the northern part of the state, the collection of houses is spread out along Route 187 and had it not been for the sign welcoming visitors to town, … Continue reading Philip Bliss: Hymn Writer