George “Germany” Smith

George 'Germany' Smith, Calvary Cemetery, Altoona I finished paying my respects to Medal of Honor recipient John Hickman, before turning my attention toward another notable person who rests within the borders of Altoona's Calvary Cemetery. Knowing he was buried in the same section as Hickman, my father and I spread out to search the stones … Continue reading George “Germany” Smith

Medal of Honor: Robert Laws

Robert Laws, Blair Memorial Park, Bellewood "You have directions?" my father asked as we entered Blair Memorial Park in Bellwood. I assured him I had coordinates to the Medal of Honor recipient who rests in the rolling hills of the memorial park. I stopped a short distance from the coordinates as we approached the location. … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Robert Laws

Medal of Honor: William Sitman

William Sitman, Logan Valley Cemetery, Bellwood Following the coordinates I was given, I turned onto the sacred grounds of Logan Valley Cemetery in Bellwood. As many times I had traveled East Pleasant Valley Boulevard - known locally as Old 220 - I never realized this cemetery existed. I entered the cemetery, wishing I had more … Continue reading Medal of Honor: William Sitman

Medal of Honor: Robert E Cox

Robert Cox, Rose Hill Cemetery Entering Rose Hill Cemetery, I immediately noted the cemetery's most famous burial - Hedda Hopper - was now marked with a simple sign pointing the way to her grave. Note: more about Hedda can be found here: Hedda Hopper. I passed her burial location and drove towards the rear of … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Robert E Cox

Medal of Honor: John Hickman

John Hickman, Calvary Cemetery, Altoona I entered the sacred grounds of Altoona's Calvary Cemetery to seek one of the region's most notable figures. I drove past local leaders and sports figures who I would visit later so I could pay my respects to a man who was honored for his bravery. I made my way … Continue reading Medal of Honor: John Hickman

Medal of Honor: Harry Harr

Harry Harr, Alto Reste, Altoona After honoring the bravery and sacrifice of Glenn English, Jr, I crossed the roadway and walked down the hillside to where my father was wandering among the stones of Alto Reste Cemetery. He was searching for the grave of the young man whose sacrifice in World War Two saved his … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Harry Harr