Wilmer Stultz, Aviator

Grave of aviator Wilmer Stultz I had never been in Williamsburg before, much to the surprise of my parents who were accompanying me on this trip. Over the years we had made countless trips on Route 22 between Huntingdon and Altoona, but had never made the detour to the south to visit the community of … Continue reading Wilmer Stultz, Aviator

Haunted Highways: The Janesville Pike

Along the Janesville Pike Note: The name Tanya is not the person's real first name - it was changed at her request. I entered Tyrone’s Reservoir Park and immediately saw Tanya sitting at the pavilion waiting for me. I had met Tanya years ago when we worked together at one of my first jobs. It … Continue reading Haunted Highways: The Janesville Pike

The Battle Of Frankstown

Memorial for the Battle of Frankstown, Altoona It was raining. The forecast had called for a cool, beautiful, sunny day but my trip to Altoona was cold, rainy and dreary. I was driving along Route 764, headed towards Duncansville, when the stone monument caught my attention. With traffic, I did not have time to stop, … Continue reading The Battle Of Frankstown

Robert “Bob” Ramazzotti

Robert Ramazzotti, Calvary Cemetery, Altoona I finished paying my respects to Thomas "Tommy" Irwin and walked back toward the vehicle. Though I knew I had a number of graves to visit on this trip, I knew there was another baseball player who rested close to Irwin’s resting place. Note: more about Irwin can be found … Continue reading Robert “Bob” Ramazzotti

Thomas “Tommy” Irwin

Thomas "Tommy" Irwin, Calvary Cemetery, Altoona “Weren't we here a couple weeks ago?” mom asked as I turned through the gates of Altoona’s Calvary Cemetery. “Yes,” I responded. That particular visit we had stopped to visit the grave of John Hickman, a Medal of Honor recipient, and George “Germany” Smith, a baseball player. Note: More … Continue reading Thomas “Tommy” Irwin

In the Line of Duty: Private Floyd Clouse

Private Floyd Clouse, Alto Reste, Altoona I finished paying my respects to the Medal of Honor recipient Harry Harr and made my way back to the vehicle. Although I have distant relations buried in Alto Reste Cemetery, this was the first time I had ever stopped to visit the sacred grounds. Note: more about the … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: Private Floyd Clouse