Unsolved: The Baby in the Box

Hickory Bottom Cemetery, Woodbury In the summer of 2021, I made a stop in Woodbury to photograph the graves of three U.S. Civil War soldiers buried in the sacred grounds of the Hickory Bottom Cemetery. The cemetery, which was once a part of the Zion Reformed Church grounds, rests along Hickory Bottom Road, amid fields … Continue reading Unsolved: The Baby in the Box

John Gochnaur: The Worst Shortstop Ever?

Grave of John Gochnaur, Fairview Cemetery, Altoona Of all the cemeteries I’ve ever been in, Altoona’s Fairview Cemetery was the one that definitely needed some help. From the moment I passed through the gates on Willow Avenue, I was shocked by the condition of the cemetery grounds. The hillside was marred by sunken graves, toppled … Continue reading John Gochnaur: The Worst Shortstop Ever?

The Strange Death of Vincent Hudson

Vincent Hudson, St. John's Cemetery, Altoona Driving slowly along Altoona’s First Avenue, we could see the grave of Vincent Hudson a short distance off the road, but that was the closest we could get to it from this street due to the iron fencing. Turning onto Tenth Street, I carefully maneuvered the vehicle through the … Continue reading The Strange Death of Vincent Hudson

Medal of Honor: J. Levi Roush

J. Levi Roush, Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Newry The Medal of Honor symbolizes the ideals of patriotism, courage, sacrifice, and integrity and is the highest award presented for military valor in action. These recipients have shown bravery in combat, going above and beyond the call of duty, risking – and often sacrificing – their lives for … Continue reading Medal of Honor: J. Levi Roush

Unsolved: Agnes Doe

Agnes Doe, Oak Grove Cemetery, Tyrone Note: I need to start this article with a warning. This article involves the unsolved death of an infant. If you find the subject too sensitive, please stop reading here. Usage of the name “Doe” as the last name of an unidentified victim, often infers that the unidentified victim … Continue reading Unsolved: Agnes Doe